The Government of Peru developed a gender and climate change action plan in 2014. The implementation of the plan aims to simultaneously reduce gender inequality while adapting to climate change, including by gathering and using more data on women migrants in the country. It has formed consultative processes with various women's organisations and created a mandate for integration of gender into climate change policies. Part of the program involves implementation of training and tools to incorporate gender-responsive data production and analysis.

Theme: Migration Data and Registration

GCM Objective: 1, 7, 14

The Government of Peru has adopted Decree No. 1350 of 2017 on migration, which grants a legal avenue for regularisation for all migrants, including women. Article 29.2 k of the Decree establishes that residency is authorised for migrants who face a life-threatening situation or one of great vulnerability if they leave Peru. This avenue also applies to victims of human trafficking, unaccompanied minors and stateless persons.

Theme: Pathways and Employment

GCM Objective: 5, 9, 10

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