United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The Government of Scotland is funding its "Close the Gap" initiative designed to enhance and secure public sector gender equality. To do this, it is focusing on collection, use and publication of gender-responsive data, including on migrant women in the labour force. Scotland is working to identify and implement best practises for gender-responsive data, including how these data can support gender equality.

Theme: Migration Data and Registration

GCM Objective: 1

The Government of the United Kingdom initiated the Xenia program in 2016 to assist migrant women. The program provides innovative social integration and language practise for migrant, refugee and asylum seeking women in London. Weekly workshops welcome women who are learning English and women who speak fluent English to take part in activities together in a safe, women-only space, with childcare provided.

Theme: Integration and Participation

GCM Objective: 15, 16

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